Duct Cleaning

4 Seasons Home Comfort provides customers excellent duct cleaning services. Our technicians are highly trained to ensure your residential or commercial ductwork is cleaned to a superior standard. We serve Lethbridge and the Southern Alberta area.

Why should you have your ducts cleaned?

Clean Ducts Save Money

Duct cleaning removes dust and debris that would cause your system to run inefficiently. With duct cleaning it makes your system more efficient saving, you money.

Clean Ducts Can Improve Health

It also helps your wallet in the long run by making your heating and cooling air quality better. In addition by removing the air contaminates, this creates a cleaner environment making it easier on asthmatics and people who suffer from allergies.


duct cleaning - before and after
air duct – before and after cleaning!

When should you have your ducts cleaned?

After New Building & Renovations

If your home is newly renovated or just been built it is recommended to have your ducts cleaned to remove dirt and debris that may have settled.

Selling Your Home

Duct cleaning can add value showing potential buyers you took good care of you home.

Moving into a new home

Just moved in? Clean out what was left behind from the previous homeowners giving you a brand new space.

Seasonal Cleaning

Whether you are prepping for spring cleaning or for the holiday season, it’s a good idea to add your air ducts to the list of things to clean.  This is especially worth considering before you turn your furnace on for the first time in the fall or winter.


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Is it time for duct cleaning?
Do you know what’s hiding in your air ducts?