If you are planning to have a major renovation done on your house, you are probably looking at re-doing some (or all!) of your ductwork and HVAC, and possibly some gas and water plumbing.

For example, if you re-insulate your house and upgrade all your windows, you might have sealed up your house quite tightly, and you will need to take a look at your house’s air exchange needs. A house needs to breathe (exchange air from inside the house with fresh outside air); a house that is sealed too tightly runs the risk of becoming what is known as a “sick house:”

Backdrafting is also a potentially dangerous situation that can come from inadequate air exchange, often as a result of repairs or renovations intended to make your house better. A poor design can actually put your life at risk!

4 Seasons as General Contractor From Start to Finish

4 Seasons can work as the General Contractor for all this work. We can start with a detailed plan of work being done for your house, work with you to figure out exactly what your house needs for this major project, and hire all the contractors you will need to see it through to completion.

Make it Easier on Yourself

4 Seasons as your General Contractor can have a number of benefits for you. Having one company working as your General Contractor from start to finish reduces the complexity for you as a homeowner, trying to figure out who you can trust to hire for each step of the process.

One-Stop Shopping!

4 Seasons as your General Contractor will also do all your scheduling for you, so you don’t have to deal with multiple schedules for multiple trades. Another bonus–4 Seasons will be your one contact with all the trades involved in your major home upgrade project. You will have one company who will keep in touch with you and be responsible for everything that is going on in your house.

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