Furnace Installation Lethbridge

Furnace Installation Lethbridge

Furnace rooms are easily the most neglected dark parts of our homes, which is unfortunate because they are potentially the riskiest areas to ignore. Any experienced furnace installation company in Lethbridge will tell you that the first thing about keeping a safe furnace system is to ensure proper installation.

Proper installation is about more than having a fantastic installation team and more about making sure the space will always be in tiptop shape long after installation. Residential duct installers take it a step further by explaining the details in layman terms, so you have a little idea of the lengths we go to for safe installs.

A few considerations for safe furnace installation in Lethbridge

Creating a safe zone

The furnace stays dormant for a significant part of the year until you have to turn it on during winter. The neglected furnace can have a lot of different risk factors, such as carbon monoxide leaks.

Our job is to make sure we put everything together so you do not have smoke, CO2, or other hazards leaking into your space, even if you take months before using it. We recommend that you contact us to check the batteries at the onset of winter to prevent the kinds of glitches that cause a hazardous space. We will also test the room for carbon monoxide poisoning and check that the detectors installed at different areas in the home are in an excellent working state after Lethbridge duct installation.

Ensuring the filters work great

A dirty filter is the cause of many issues like smoke circulation around the home. We install the kinds of filters that ensure efficiency and safety, so you can use the furnace as much as necessary without frequently replacing the dirty filter. In addition, consider changing the filter every three months to keep up clean air space and smooth burning.

Cleaning the vents before turning them on

Furnaces use the air circulating in their system to keep the fire burning and blow warmth around the area. A faulty air vent could lead to the build-up of toxic gases, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. We make sure that all vents are open when installing the furnace, so you are good to go when you start using the furnace.

Furnace installation in Lethbridge has options for you to keep a repair and maintenance routine, including removing dust and buildup in the pipes before the winter months. It would help if you also got furnace installers in Lethbridge to clean it once every month to keep fresh air blowing through it despite the dust and ashes in the area.

Educate you on warning signs

Furnace installation is only the beginning, but you have to keep an eye out for regular cleaning and filter changes, always in excellent working condition. You might need the best HVAC installers in Lethbridge AB to help you notice some of the warning signs, but we can help you notice apparent signs, including the following:

  • A burning smell
  • The furnace takes time or several trials to turn on
  • A dysfunctional thermostat
  • Continuous fan sound

Do you notice any or more warning signs with your existing furnace? Maybe you need a brand new install and make sure it will work great with minimal work. Contact us today for a more personalized consultation.

Furnace Installation Lethbridge
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Furnace Installation Lethbridge
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Furnace Installation Lethbridge