4 Seasons Home Comfort is a member of two different BNI groups in Lethbridge. What does that mean to you as a customer? In fact, what is BNI?

From accruemarketing.com, “BNI stands for Business Networking International. It is the world’s leading business referral organization with over 264,000 members in 9,288 chapters worldwide. BNI operates a network of franchises in different territories… If you live in Southern Alberta there are 4 chapters in Lethbridge and 2 in Red Deer.”

BNI members refer each other regularly, so they need to know that the businesses in their chapter are trustworthy businesses. BNI members are also vetted before they join BNI—when you see a company that is an active member of BNI, you know that that business has a stake in the community and a reputation to uphold.

Here’s a quick video explaining a little more about what BNI is all about:

High Expectations of BNI Businesses

BNI members have some fairly strict expectations placed upon them—they need to show up to weekly meetings, and do the networking procedures that members are expected to do. A business that intends to stay in business is interested in participating in a networking referral group like this; a fly-by-night business with questionable business practices and questionable staff would not. There is even a Code of Conduct within the BNI groups—members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately.

BNI Members Experts in their Fields

BNI members need to be experts within their field—there is only one seat available for each type of business, so the seat must be filled by someone who is actively involved in that type of business. Businesses that belong to BNI are serious about their profession. There is a money commitment, a time commitment, and a quality commitment that all must be upheld to join and stay in a BNI chapter (and continue to give and get good referrals). 4 Seasons Home Comfort is committed to this high-quality networking process.

By participating in both the Windy City and Key Connections chapters of BNI in Lethbridge, you can rest assured that 4 Seasons is committed to providing high-quality service at a competitive price to all its customers. That’s how you earn referrals!

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