There are many options for a fireplace beyond wood, gas, or electric. The design of your fireplace can make your fireplace a focal point decoration in your home year round. You can also add interesting touches to your fireplace, like a stone mantel or an intricate fire screen.

Fireplaces used to be limited to being set in an outside wall so that they could draw in air for combustion and vent the exhaust from the fire. Modern fireplaces have risen above these limitations—they can be mounted on interior walls, open to your room on three sides, or even floating with no attachment to the floor!

To set off your fireplace even further, there is an almost endless selection of decorative fireplace screens to add beauty to the functionality of protecting your family and floors from any errant embers. Firescreens have the additional bonus of making your fireplace look more attractive while you aren’t using it.The right fireplace can dress up any room

You can take your fireplace to the next level with a stone or wood mantel shelf, or a mantel that fully surrounds it. In addition to making sure that your fireplace is the star of your living room, a mantel or mantel shelf also adds a place to display collectibles.

To add to the beauty and charm of a fireplace in your home, you can also add lighting to add drama when you aren’t having a fire. If you tend to not use your fireplace a lot in summer (understandably), having some lights added to the mantel surrounding your fireplace will keep it looking spectacular year round. 4 Seasons Home Comfort can work with you to develop your dream fireplace.

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