Summer’s here, and the living is outside! 4 Seasons Home Comfort can help you create the outdoor living space you want with a line of summer products like barbecues and heaters.

4 Seasons can get you any size of barbecue you need. Maybe you like a small charcoal barbecue, or maybe you’re cooking for the whole company. We can get you anything from a modest backyard barbecue to a 10-foot commercial barbecue!

4 Seasons can also provide you with gas fireplaces and pizza ovens and all the accessories for them in your outdoor kitchen. This will help you keep the heat outside where it belongs.

In addition to barbecues and fireplaces, we can also provide you with propane barbecue smokers. Propane smokers create a more temperature-controlled environment for smoking your food items that uses less wood.

Thinking about creating an outdoor great room? 4 Seasons can help you put it together, with a Tiki bar complete with a gas fireplace. Fire bans are no problem with gas fire tables and fire bowls. You and your friends can continue to enjoy some fireside beverages on a cool evening.

Staying outside when the days cool off is comfortable with a few heaters spaced around your outdoor living space. We can provide you with a range of umbrella-style and radiant-style heaters to keep things toasty in the evenings.

Finish your amazing outside living space with award-winning gas lamps, Tempest Torches. These gas or propane torches are created with “a natural “venturi effect” causing the flame to spiral and dance within the tempered glass walls” of the lamps.

Contact 4 Seasons Home Comfort to discuss how we can help you add summer products to create the outdoor space of your dreams or visit our showroom at 3620 9th Ave North in Lethbridge.