Sheet Metal Fabrication Experts

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) companies are also experts in sheet metal fabrication. Did you know that 4 Seasons Home Comfort has a metal fabrication shop? We do! Our metal shop and metal fabricators are experts with custom metal work—no job is too big or too small. The only limits are what you can think of for your industrial or residential application.

Healthy Circulation System in Your House

We don’t often think about the ducts in our houses or businesses, but like the blood vessels in your body, it is critical that they are the right size and materials to do the job they need to do. Since every house and business has different sizes and requirements for ductwork, 4 Seasons Home Comfort is the place to start. We are HVAC and metal fabrication experts—we can build exactly what you need.

New House A/C? How About Your Ducts?

If you’re thinking about installing a new, full-house air-conditioning system this summer, it might be a good time to have a close look at your existing ducts as well. While you’re having the air conditioner added to the house and any retrofits that you might need for that job, this is a good time to have your old ducts tuned up. If you’re going to make a mess and have contractors all over your house, you might as well get it all done at once!

4 Seasons can clean your ducts

New Trim and Roof Caps?

We can also work in different types and colours of metal other than aluminum or galvanized metal—imagine how different your house would look with completely new trim and roof caps. And it’s made of metal, so it’s going to last a very long time. Or maybe you are thinking of some steel panels added to your house for lasting style—we can do that, too. All of these pieces would be custom-built just for your house, to give it interesting flair!

Contact 4 Seasons Home Comfort to discuss metalworking options or visit our showroom at 3620 9th Ave North in Lethbridge.