Summer is gone and fall is now with us; the change of the seasons is a good reminder that it’s time to give both your air conditioning unit and your furnace a fall inspection. One before going off for the season, the other for coming online for the season.

Check-Up For Your Air Conditioner Before Shutting It Off

While your air conditioning unit is going to be shut off for the year soon (if it isn’t already), it’s a good idea to give it a fall inspection and any maintenance that it might need. It’s been working hard for months now, and it should have an inspection before being put to bed.

As noted by, “Just like any mechanical system, your air conditioner requires regular maintenance. This will ensure it’s performing safely, effectively and efficiently. Regular AC maintenance will also reduce strain on the unit and system, prolonging its life and preventing costly repairs or replacements.”

Air Conditioner Check-Up

A thorough fall air conditioner inspection/maintenance should include:

  • An all over inspection.
  • Checking the components for wear and doing any recommended repairs.
  • Cleaning inside and out.
  • Check and unclog drain tube.
  • Check and level outdoor unit.
  • Replacing dirty filters.

A quick video giving an overview of an AC tune-up:

Fall Tune-Up For Your Furnace

While we’re at your house giving your air conditioner a thorough fall inspection, we can also take a look at your furnace; a fall furnace tune-up can save you from a panicked call on the coldest night of the year when your furnace has stopped working.

Your Furnace Check-Up

A furnace check-up includes:

  • Changing filters.
  • Cleaning as required.
  • Inspecting all the parts and fixing anything that needs it.
  • Checking the heat exchanger (a common source of carbon monoxide leaks if it cracks).
  • Check for any carbon monoxide leaks around the furnace. says, “A certified HVAC technician will also arrive armed with specialized equipment not found in the average toolbox, like pressure gauges, leak detectors and combustion analyzers that allow for extensive safety and efficiency inspections. And they’ll also be able to spot early signs of equipment failure — things an amateur handyman could easily miss. Catching those problems early can save you money and help you avoid an untimely furnace breakdown.”

Here’s a video showing a furnace inspection:

4 Seasons Can Look After Both For You

4 Seasons Home Comfort can do both of these inspections for you with our Certified HVAC technicians. You can also book annual seasonal inspections and maintenance with 4 Seasons Home Comfort on an ongoing basis, so we will contact you when it’s time to look after these home units that work so hard looking after you!


Contact 4 Seasons Home Comfort for service you can count on or visit our showroom at 3620 9th Ave North in Lethbridge.