Old House, Old Furnace

When we bought our house in Lethbridge, we bought an older house because we like the craftsmanship in older houses, we like the older styles of houses, and we like older neighbourhoods. One thing we got with our older house, though, was an older furnace.

In our five years in this house, the furnace has been performing admirably (knock wood), but it is 50 years old!

Middle of the Night Break Down? No Thanks!

We’ve been operating on the default setting of, “Replace it when it breaks down,” but the more I think about it, the more I think this might not be the best plan. Our furnace is probably 20 years past its life expectancy.

Petro.com has some thoughts on how to decide if it’s time to replace your furnace.

The reality of waiting until a furnace breaks down is that it will probably be in the middle of a cold snap when the furnace is running frequently, and we need it to heat our house the most.

Don't wait until your old furnace breaks down to get it replaced

Replacing a Furnace is a Process

I’ve settled on a plan of doing research into the cost of replacing a furnace, as well as the process. There are permits and inspections that need to be taken care of with a furnace replacement, and these aren’t things that normally happen overnight. And if you think about it, for something like a furnace, you don’t want it to be a rush job! This is a major appliance purchase for your house, with deadly potential if it is done incorrectly.

Here’s a video on the actual cost of a furnace—there are other things to consider beyond just the furnace itself!

And here are 10 things to consider when buying a new furnace, from angieslist.com.

You want to have professionals like 4 Seasons Home Comfort working with you every step of the way for such an important decision for your home.

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Guest blogger Tracey Flannery is a Lethbridge resident and a customer of 4 Seasons Home Comfort.