It can be difficult to know what to do when you need some help with your furnace or air conditioner, and it can be difficult to know who to trust. There are some tips you can learn to protect yourself from unscrupulous HVAC providers.

“I Can Save You a Little Money with a Used Part I Have Right Away”

This is not likely to save you money. It is more likely to be a bad part (possibly taken from someone else’s repair), and wear out too quickly, costing you another repair sooner than a new part would have. 4 Seasons Home Comfort uses new parts in their repairs.

“You Need To Refill Your A/C Refrigerant”

Unless the repair you have called an HVAC repairperson for is a leak in your A/C unit, you probably don’t need your refrigerant topped up. Air conditioning units don’t use up refrigerant.

“This Part Is Bad”

It might be. It also might not be. If the part they are telling you is failing is beyond the scope of what you called them out for, do a bit of research before agreeing to have it replaced. Take a look at the part with your repair provider—can they point out what is bad about it? Can you see for yourself that is it obviously failing? What are the usual symptoms for that part failing?

Too-Frequent Tune-Ups

This is a favourite of shady car mechanics as well as untrustworthy HVAC providers. From the 4 Seasons Home Comfort website: “We suggest for heating and cooling systems to perform maintenance in the spring and fall. Just heating system? Perform a preventive maintenance yearly before the cold season. Just cooling system? Perform a preventative maintenance yearly before the hot season.” An annual tune-up is a fantastic idea to keep your systems running in top condition. Someone telling you that your furnace or air conditioner needs tune-ups more frequently than that is looking to pad their own bills.

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