4 Seasons Home Comfort is proud to announce that we have become authorized providers and installers of the Google Home smart speaker system, which includes Google Assistant. Google Assistant is an intelligent assistant that is continually monitoring for you to ask it to do something, as well as performing a number of functions in a routine that you can set for it.

Google Home

You can use Google Home to play music or a TV show for you through speakers located throughout your home. Google Home can also be used as an intercom in your house, and perform tasks as your personal assistant (make shopping lists, record appointments on your calendar, remind you of important dates, etc.). You can also make phone calls with a simple voice command. The list of what the Google Home smart speaker system with Google Assistant can do is quite long! Here is a link for you to explore all the things Google Assistant can do.

Nest thermostat


Nest has a line of products to automatically monitor and control your thermostat, smoke/CO detectors, doorbells, and security system in your house. The Google Home smart speaker system can interface with these Nest products so you can control them and receive any alerts or alarms. Nest products can not only set off an alarm when it detects smoke, carbon monoxide, or an unauthorized entry into your home, but it can also send those messages to you wherever you are via your smartphone, or send a notice to an authorized person if you don’t respond to the alert.

Nest, of course, ties in nicely with all of 4 Seasons’ heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products!

Google Assistant

Google Assistant can also interface with a variety of smart home products—for example, lighting throughout your house, your Roomba, smart appliances, your smart sprinklers, and smart cameras in and around your house (check in on your kids or pets while you’re at work, or see if that package has been delivered yet). Here is a list of devices Google Assistant can control.

This is a good video giving an introduction and overview to what the Google Home smart speaker system is all about:

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