Summer; Sweet, Sweet Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your house and yard back into summer mode. Your furnace has stopped working so hard, but soon it will be time for your air conditioner to take up the load. It’s also time to get your yard in shape, including your outside summer kitchen.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up

If you already have an air conditioner, now is the time to have 4 Seasons come to your house and get it ready for another hot Lethbridge summer. We recommend a spring tune-up for your air conditioning unit; everything mechanical lasts longer and works better with regular maintenance and cleaning.

Whole-House Air Conditioner: Yes Please!

If you don’t have one but are thinking about getting one, 4 Seasons can install a whole-house air conditioner unit for you. Pair that with a Sensi wi-fi smart thermostat, and you can customize exactly what temperature you want your house to be and when (for example, the house can remain hotter in the day when everyone is out, and cooler at night for sleeping).

Grilling barbecue

I Can Barbecue; Can You?

Your barbecue needs a little TLC at this time of year, too. Chances are it has spent the winter under a cover, and it’s time to take the cover off and get ready to grill! Now that we’re spending more time outside, getting re-acquainted with your barbecue means changing/refilling the propane tank, cleaning it top to bottom, checking to make sure your Venturi tubes are free from insects or debris, and checking how your lava rocks are doing. We can also get parts for your barbecue if it needs a repair.

Barbecue Upgrade

Maybe a fancy new barbecue is in order for this year. 4 Seasons has many fantastic barbecues in our showroom for you to come take a look at. A few of our name-brand barbecues are Weber, Delta Heat, and Jackson Grill.

More Tips?

If you’re looking for a few more thoughts on ways to keep your house cool this summer, check this out:

Contact 4 Seasons Home Comfort or visit our showroom at 3620 9th Ave North in Lethbridge as part of your regular schedule for springing into summer!