The world has never seen anything like the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve had pandemics before, but the entire world has never been as interconnected as it is today.

On the one hand, our physical interconnectedness is part of the reason that we’re having a pandemic (people flying, cruising, and travelling all around the world), but on the other hand, everyone is still connected with everyone else thanks to robust, high-speed internet connections around the world.

Here’s a video with some ideas on to stay connected during the pandemic:

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Millions of people are being required to stay home, due to quarantine or isolation, because their employer has been required to shut down for now, or because their children are at home. People are working from home, using videoconferencing and cloud applications to access all their files.

Connect Online

Experts and professionals are offering classes, sessions, webinars, and even physical and psychological therapy online using videochatting. You can even use videochatting to show 4 Seasons (your local HVAC expert) any problems you are having with your furnace or air conditioner. Keep it all organized with your Google Home Assistant, and use’s camera and doorbell to see who is at your door, and pick up your parcels quickly once they are dropped off.

Businesses Helping Businesses

Businesses are finding ways to help each other, too. One example of business-to-business interconnectedness is Quickbooks contributing to a GoFundMe to help small businesses that are having a hard time financially because of the COVID-19 crisis:


The old standbys are still available (talking on the telephone, sending texts and emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). But people are also doing videochats and using videoconferencing to keep in touch with family and friends. There are dozens of apps to use for videoconferencing (Zoom and Facebook Messenger are two examples).

Order Online

People are ordering everything online (groceries, medications, food, clothes, anything you can think of). Delivery people have never been busier. We can do virtually all of our banking online at this point—we can pay all of our bills online, including sending Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) to anyone with an email address.

Help Each Other

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