Summer in a word—barbecues! You can use your barbecue for grilling (what most of us use them for), smoking, braising, or roasting. But not every barbecue can do all of these things. Let’s have a look at the different kinds of cooking you can do on a barbecue and the kinds of equipment you’ll need.

Grilling barbecue


A method of cooking food quickly on a grate over direct heat. This is what most people think of when they think of “barbecuing.” There are many types of barbecues that you can get, with different types of fuels and a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs. The most popular type of barbecue grill is the propane barbecue. Charcoal grills are also commonly available. You can also get electric grills, or for tailgating or picnics, you can also get a portable grill. 4 Seasons Home Comfort can provide you with the perfect barbecue grill to suit your needs for fuel and size.


A method of slow cooking food by exposing it to smoke from a smoldering fuel source (charcoal, wood chips, wood shavings, etc). Foods that can be smoked are usually meat or fish, but you can also smoke vegetables, cheeses, nuts, and ingredients for beer. There are many different types of smokers available, with different fuel sources. Some commonly used ones are propane powered, charcoal, pellet fueled, wood fueled, and electric powered. Here is a link for a good introduction to the types of smokers available.

Smokers give great flavour to your barbecue

Side burners allow you to boil as well as grill your barbecue foods


This is a combination of cooking methods—the meat/vegetables can be grilled first for a nice browning, then cooked in a pot over the barbecue with moist heat, then finished with sauces after the food is thoroughly cooked. This makes very tender, very flavourful meat. An electric or gas barbecue is your best choice for this type of cooking.


Your regular hooded barbecue can also be used to roast meat/vegetables. You’ll probably want to follow some instructions to avoid spending a lot of time making a roast with the consistency of shoe-leather with your outdoor barbecue grill.

Here is a how-to link for roasting.

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Use your barbecue to roast your food