Lethbridge; It’s a Dry Cold

We love our dry, sunny summers. But in winter, we’d like a bit more moisture in our homes, especially when the furnace is running regularly and drying the air out even more. Other than personal comfort, there are other good reasons to keep your house at an ideal humidity level (between 30% to 50% humidity).

Is It Dry in Here, or Is It Just Me?

A house that is too dry inside can have some negative health impacts. Some of the most common ones are dry skin and dry eyes, chapped lips, and nose bleeds. Not enough humidity in the air can also cause sinus, asthma, or allergy symptoms, or it can make these conditions worse.

AAAAHHH! My Poor Electronics!

Electronic devices (TVs, computers, PVR players, DVD players, games consoles, iPads, iPods, microwaves, CD players, printers, etc.) all operate best with the proper amount of moisture in the air. When the air in your house is too dry, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you get static shocks when you touch something. Electronic devices DO NOT like static shocks!

AAAAHHH! My Poor Woodwork!

Just like we all have electronics in our house, we all have woodwork. Your woodwork stays in better shape longer with more humidity in the air inside. If you have special pieces of furniture, you would really want to keep the humidity in your house in the ideal range. Any wooden musical instruments that you have in the house will also appreciate an even humidity level.

More Humidity = More Heat Retention

A house that is kept at an ideal humidity level is also more energy efficient. Humid air holds heat better, and people feel warmer at lower temperatures. This means that you can nudge the thermostat down and still feel comfortable.

Here’s a short video that sums up the advantages of a general house humidifier.

4 Seasons Home Comfort can install a whole house humidifier for you, to keep your humidity levels constant and healthy, just like your furnace keeps your house at an even temperature.

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