Quick Takeaway—Hire Licensed Workers, Get the Proper Permits

When you need air conditioning, furnace, or fireplace work done in your home, you need a licensed, certified technician, and you need the proper permits.

You have appliances in your home that are capable of producing carbon monoxide, an odorless, deadly gas, and when you need work done on those appliances, you need someone who knows what they are doing.

As noted on cbc.ca, “Carbon monoxide is produced when fuels such as natural gas, gasoline, oil, propane, wood or coal are burned. The danger is magnified when that combustion is not properly ventilated, or when the CO can’t dissipate because of a blocked or dirty chimney.”

Here is a video discussing the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning:

A certified technician ensures that you are hiring someone who is trained and competent in doing the work. Having the proper permits ensures that the work that is done is done properly, and a third party will check the work of the technician you have hired.

Reasons to hire a licensed technician who will get all the proper permits include:

  • The safety of everyone who lives in your home.
  • If the work fails inspection, the cost to repair is charged to the contractor, not the home owner.
  • To get a better, safer, more energy efficient product.
  • To avoid fines and additional repairs.
  • Allowing unpermitted work might void your insurance policy.
  • Peace of mind.

“It is important to check with your jurisdiction to verify which projects require permits, as rules can vary between municipalities. The Safety Codes Act requires that all contractors and homeowners have permits before working on buildings that are considered as such within the Alberta Building Code, with projects that fall under the Canadian Electrical Code, Alberta Gas Code, and/or Alberta Plumbing code.”

(Work on furnaces or natural gas fireplaces would fall under the Alberta Gas Code.)

Here is the link for permits from City of Lethbridge.

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