Winter in Canada can be harsh, especially in the country’s northern parts. Even in British Columbia, which has some of the mildest winter weather, it is still important for people to ensure their furnace is in good working order. 

Furnaces usually need some kind of basic maintenance to keep them running properly and reliably. Dealing with a broken furnace in the middle of winter is something nobody wants to go through. In this article, you will learn important safety tips for your furnace. Read on.

Conduct Regular Inspections

It’s essential to have your furnace regularly inspected by an experienced HVAC technician to avoid any potential problems. The best time to have it done is at the end of summer, before you start using it frequently again.

A full inspection of your furnace by a professional can help identify any potential issues with your furnace before they become a safety hazard. Having your furnace cleaned by a professional can also help keep it running efficiently throughout the winter season.

Clear the Furnace Area

Most people know it is important to keep the area around a furnace free from obstruction so that air can circulate properly. Whether you have an electric or gas furnace, it is important to keep the air flowing freely around the machine. This means that you should avoid storing large items close to your furnace.

Airflow is essential for a furnace to function properly. If there are objects blocking the flow of air to or from the furnace, it will have to work harder to maintain the proper temperature, using up more energy in the process. By keeping the area around your furnace clear, you can help it run more efficiently and keep your energy bills under control.

Beware of Flammable Objects 

Keep flammable items away from your furnace to prevent fires. You should not hang clothing on or near your furnace because it can catch on fire. Ammonia can also corrode the heat exchanger inside the furnace, which can become a safety issue. Keep these items away from the furnace and make sure they are sealed.

Replace the Air Filter

Most furnaces have an air filter to help prevent dust and debris from getting into your home. It’s especially important to change the filter regularly during winter when your home is sealed to keep cold air out. You can write the date you installed the filter on the outside of the filter so you know when it needs to be replaced.

Typically, it is recommended that you replace your air filter every 30 to 90 days, depending on the amount of particles in your air, and the quality of the filter. Replacing your air filter regularly will not only improve the air quality in your home, it will also keep the air flow in your furnace at an efficient level, meaning that the furnace won’t have to work as hard to move air throughout your home.

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Now is a good time to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working properly. A furnace that isn’t working properly could leak harmful gasses into your home.

Make sure your home has working carbon monoxide detectors. These devices are crucial for detecting the presence of this deadly gas, which is odorless and can cause serious illness or death if not promptly identified and remedied. Inspect your detectors regularly to ensure they are in good working order, with fresh batteries installed, and test each unit to ensure it is functioning properly.


It is important to be aware of potential safety hazards when using a furnace. By taking simple precautions, such as keeping the area around the furnace clean and clear of combustible materials and having the furnace regularly inspected by a qualified technician, you can help ensure that your furnace is safe to use.

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