The temperature is dropping outside, and we’re looking to cuddle up inside our homes for the winter. Nothing makes a home feel cozier in winter than a fireplace!

If you’re thinking of installing a fireplace in your cocoon, there are thousands of different models to choose from. The 4 Seasons experts can get you started and narrow down the right fireplaces for your home. The most common types are gas, wood, and electric. The type of fireplace you choose depends on what suits your needs and your tastes.


There are endless possibilities when installing a gas fireplace or a gas insert (an insert is a gas fireplace replacing your existing wood fireplace). Whether you are looking for something modern, contemporary, large, small, freestanding, or built-in, 4 Seasons can supply and install something that suits your needs. Overall gas fireplaces are lower maintenance than wood, and are very efficient nowadays—with the press of a button on the remote you have a fire.  They’re also very controllable, as you are able to adjust flame height, fan speed, and lights.

Gas fireplace from Fireplace Xtrodinair

Rumford wood-burning fireplace.


There are also several makes and models of wood fireplaces and stoves. 4 Seasons is the ONLY Blazeking dealer in Lethbridge and surrounding area, and can access many other brands as well. Wood fireplaces do require more work and maintenance as they require chopping or buying wood, cleaning ashes, and chimney sweeps but they are also surprisingly efficient now as well. Some of the Blazeking stoves will burn up to 48 hours on one load of wood, using a catalytic combustor system to reburn and recycle the smoke your stove produces into longer burn times.


If you are wanting a fireplace strictly for the purpose of ambiance with a tiny bit of heat, electric is the way to go. There are so many models and styles of electric from your classic log firebox, to a modern wall hanging unit with colored flames and crystals. Although you won’t get much more than about 5,000 BTU’s from them, if you aren’t looking for ambiance, electric is the way to go. You should keep in mind they also use up to 1500 WATTS at a time.

Dimplex electric fireplace.

4 Seasons Home Comfort has a full-burning showroom and experienced staff to help you in your decision to install a fireplace in your home. Once you have chosen which direction you would like to go, our estimators will visit you in your home to give you a quote especially created for you and your house.

Contact 4 Seasons Home Comfort to discuss fireplace options or visit our showroom at 3620 9th Ave North in Lethbridge. If you’d like to install a fireplace before Christmas, book now—time is running out and bookings are going fast!