Clean your air ducts—why would you want to do that? There are some indicators that make having your ducts cleaned a good idea:

  • If you have recently had renovations done on your house.
  • If you are finding pet hairs, dust, or bad odours being blown into your rooms by the heating/cooling system.
  • If you have evidence of pests or mold in your duct system.
  • If the ducts are actually blocked by dust and/or debris.
  • If someone living in your house is experiencing unexplained allergy-like symptoms.

The Duct Cleaning Process

“Duct cleaning” is a bit misleading; a proper duct cleaning will involve first inspecting and cleaning all the heating and cooling units in your house, and THEN cleaning the air ducts. First you need to clean up the sources of the air that is blown throughout your house, then you can clean the ducts that transport it around your whole house.

The first step in a thorough cleaning is to get equipment into the ducts to loosen up whatever is in there. The next step is to clean all the ductwork in your house—suck out all the pet hair, dander, dirt, mold, and whatever else has found its way into your ducts!

The goal is to clean all contaminants out of your entire duct system, so the whole system will be placed under negative pressure (vacuum) throughout the process to suck all the contaminants out of the system, rather than having them blown throughout your house.

A qualified cleaner will also inspect all of the ductwork for any possible leaks as well. A forced air heating/cooling system has energy losses built right into it; losing any more air to leaks just makes your furnace/air conditioner work that much harder (and cost you more money).

Getting to know your heating/cooling system in your house is a very good idea—these systems are the lungs of your house, and in our cold prairie winters, having your furnace give up the ghost in the middle of a cold snap is something none of us wants to have happen! Keeping on top of the state of your HVAC system in your house is preventative maintenance that is likely to save you money in the long run.

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