Getting an air conditioner replaced when it’s too old is a good idea for a myriad of reasons. If a unit’s compressor, condenser coils, or evaporator coil has been operating for a long period of time, it’s likely that they’ve built up a significant amount of dirt, debris, grime, and corrosion. 

All of these contaminants increase a unit’s energy usage and make it work more slowly than it should. By getting a new unit installed, households can enjoy the increased energy efficiency and better cooling that come along with newer units.

Air conditioning units that are too old also run the risk of over-cooling, under-cooling, or not cooling at all. These problems are typically the result of the system being unable to properly circulate air throughout a house or office space. 

An air conditioner in this state can cause a wide range of complications more than comfort, so it’s always worth investing in a new one when your unit grows too old.

Why Should You Replace Your Old Air Conditioner?

1. Old AC Units Have Lower Performance as It Ages

As air conditioning units age, their performances begin to degrade. One of the tell-tale signs of a unit that’s too old is that it simply doesn’t provide the same level of comfort as it once did.

Naturally, this is especially true for units that are past their prime. As a result, you’ll find that your home or office space feels stuffier, warmer, and less comfortable than it did when you first installed the unit.

2. Old AC Units Come with More Breakdowns

A unit that’s too old also comes with a slew of other problems that can be detrimental to your household or office. For example, if a unit is too old, it’s more likely to suffer from a variety of problems that can reduce a unit’s performance and reliability.

Additionally, the longer that an air conditioning unit runs, the more likely it is to develop problems and breakdowns that are more difficult to repair. This means that the longer you wait to replace your unit, the greater the likelihood you’ll incur costly repairs and replacements.

3. Old AC Units Cost Higher to Repair than Replace

A unit that’s too old will have many parts and components that are in need of repair. While some of these problems can be fixed, others are more serious and difficult to resolve. This is especially true when a unit is aging.

When the internal components of an air conditioning unit become too old, repairing the unit will become more expensive and difficult than installing a brand new one.

4. Old AC Units Are Not as Energy-Efficient as Their Newer Counterparts

One of the major benefits of new air conditioning units is that they’re more energy-efficient than older models. As a result, households and businesses that have an older unit can enjoy the benefits of lower energy costs and increased energy efficiency with the installation of a new unit.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner When It’s Well Past Its Prime

Old air conditioning units are a problem for a wide range of reasons. First, they’re inefficient and lack the power that’s needed to properly cool a home or office space. 

Second, they’re more likely to suffer from problems and breakdowns that are difficult to repair. Finally, they’re not as energy-efficient as newer models, meaning that you’ll have to pay more to keep your home or office cool.

All of these drawbacks are a direct result of the fact that air conditioning units that are too old suffer from a variety of problems and breakdowns. As a result, it’s always a good idea to replace a unit that’s more than 10 years old when possible.

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