What is a WETT inspection and why would you want one for your chimney?

Commonly known as a “WETT (Wood Energy Technical Transfer) Inspection,” this is an inspection of your wood-burning system done by a WETT-trained and certified professional. A brief description of WETT via the Brampton Guardian: “WETT Inc. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.) is a non-profit training organization that provides in-depth training for inspectors of wood-burning appliances to check for code compliance and adherence to safety requirements. A WETT certified inspector has met the qualifications for performing these inspections.”

Why would you want a WETT-trained professional to inspect your fireplace and chimney? The first, most critical answer is safety for you and your family. When burning wood in a fireplace, it creates vapor that condenses as creosote in the chimney flue. Creosote is flammable, and can catch fire in your chimney. Having your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned regularly will reduce the risk of fires starting from your wood fireplace, stove, or chimney.

That brings us to the second reason you might be interested in having a WETT-trained professional inspect your fireplace and chimney—your insurance policy or real estate transaction may depend on it. Your insurance company may require your residence’s wood-burning system to pass a WETT inspection before agreeing to insure your house.

Someone buying a house with a wood-burning stove or fireplace would be well-advised to have a WETT-trained professional inspect the entire system before finalizing a sale (this inspection is recommended as a condition of the sale – if a fireplace in a house you are interested in buying fails an inspection, you would want to re-negotiate this deal, or possibly even walk away from it). If you are selling a property, including a current WETT inspection report would be a selling feature, reassuring buyers about the condition of a fireplace, and the overall upkeep of the house in general.

Finally, a WETT-certified technician can also educate homeowners on how best to look after their wood burning system to make it as safe as possible. That peace of mind can be priceless.

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